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Timberland® Comes to Zoar

by Cassie Hayden

Seen a camera crew hanging around the zip line canopy tour course lately? In early November, we hosted Timberland® staff and crew for a two-day film and photo shoot. Assisted by canopy tour guides, approximately twenty-five Timberland® staff used the zip line course to take photographs for magazines and in-store advertisements as well as to shoot video for the Timberland® website.

"They were wonderful to work with," says Nina. "The first day, it was rainy and dreary, but everyone had great attitudes. They took some amazing footage zipping through the trees and hanging out high above the forest floor."

If you were zipping with us that weekend, you might hardly have recognized certain areas of the course as they were transformed into on-location studios. One vista in particular became a wilderness campsite for the two days, complete with an orange '65 Chevy pickup, a tent, wood fire, clothesline, and "campers." The Timberland® production crew also shot video from the zip lines themselves with some expert assistance from Zoar staff.

So if you're a past zipline guest and a Timberland® customer, keep a close watch on future advertisements, both in print and online, to spot Timberland® models posing in familiar scenery.

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