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These waivers are provided for the use of groups or individuals bringing minors unaccompanied by their parent or legal guardian on a Zoar Outdoor activity. They may be printed out and copied (preferably double-sided), filled out by a parent or legal guardian and brought to Zoar Outdoor on the day of the activity.

NOTE: These waivers are legal documents and, as such, may not be altered. Any participant arriving at Zoar Outdoor with an altered waiver will be asked to sign a new unaltered waiver before they will be allowed to participate in any activity.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader already, CLICK HERE to download it free from Adobe’s website.

If you already made a booking with us and haven’t had a chance to complete your Wherewolf Waiver, the email “Action required for your booking” was sent shortly after your booking. Please follow the instructions in that email and share it with the rest of your group. A parent or guardian must sign for any participant under 18 years of age.