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Our Core Values

Zoar Outdoor Staff

Creating Experiences

Enhancing Lives

We create experiences that enhance the lives of our guests, our staff and our community by exposing people from a variety of backgrounds to the best human-powered outdoor adventures available. We strive to be leaders in the field of outdoor adventure through constantly rethinking and improving our program.

A group of young students standing next to the Deerfield River on a trip to Zoar Outdoor

Staff, Guests, and Community

Acting with Integrity

We act with integrity in all our interactions with staff, guests, and our community. Integrity for us means clearly defining expectations, following through on commitments, and acting in a consistent, straightforward manner – we say what we mean and mean what we say.

Staff member helping visitor get harness buckled properly for a zip line ride

Welcoming, Accepting, Respectful

Building Positive Relationships

We build positive relationships by being welcoming, accepting, and respectful. We strive to be responsive and flexible to the needs of our guests, staff and the greater community.

After school teen paddling clinic

Diversity & Hard Work

Promoting Teamwork

We promote teamwork by valuing diversity, encouraging a strong work ethic, clearly defining roles, and recognizing a job well done.

Smiling group of girls at the Zoar Zip Line Canopy tour

Optimism & Humor

Embracing Change

We embrace change as a positive force in our organization, our industry, and our world. We meet the challenges presented by change with a can-do attitude, a sense of humor and a spirit of optimism.

Amanda Major in a kayak on a river

Successes & Mistakes

Valuing Growth

We value the growth that comes from embracing our successes and learning from our mistakes.

Group of people on a zip line platform high in a tree

Stability & Resources

Stewarding Resources

We value a financially strong organization as a means to provide the stability and resources necessary to achieve our purpose. We provide industry-competitive compensation and strive to hire, train and retain, talented and diverse staff.

Group of kayakers lined up on the river during fall

Self-Sufficient Staff

Taking Ownership

We foster an atmosphere in which staff take ownership of their actions and are encouraged to be self-sufficient within our value structure. We set high expectations, give timely and appropriate feedback and make decisions in a manner that is open and transparent so those affected know why a decision is made.

Staff member helping a rafter put on their helmet properly

Quality & Continuity

Planning Thoughtfully

We value thoughtful planning so we are able to maximize our resources, minimize our environmental impact, and balance the excitement of new possibilities with the need to maintain quality and continuity.

Zoar team member helping group members climb a ladder to a zip line platform