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posted on by Katelyn Green

As I expected, the annual Moosefest near Old Forge, NY was a treat. The weather was bitterly cold, and it snowed both days, which just added to the fun of the whole event. There was certainly no question as to whether it was drysuit time. Both Saturday and Sunday I bundled up under my drysuit and zipped up. The resulting cold hands and face were well worth the incredible whitewater.

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Fall Festival Season

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As a paddler, once the spring runoff has dried up and the creeks stop running, I start looking forward to fall.  Many of the dam controlled creeks in the northeast have scheduled releases in the fall and many also coincide with festivals.  Every year the fall creek season kicks off with Beaverfest, a 3 day creek festival in New York.  There are three sections of the Beaver all offering a little different challenge and the Raquette also releases this weekend.

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