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The Disolution of the UN and the New Skool

By Cassie Hayden

politics pretty much ground to a halt once we got back to the camp and
back on the Fu. Considering that Australia took off to the jungles of
Borneo leaving a decidedly British majority the tone of the discussions
went steadily downhill.

the week progressed it was becoming evident that PK and Helen were
becoming the stars of the week firing up everything in a very calm
manner. Day one saw them run Terminator with few problems and then the
rest of the week was spent hitting every hole on the run. However the
highlight of the week was to come right at the end.
A couple of day after the first Throne Room run Helen quietly asked if
we would be heading back up there and maybe into Inferno. Approaching
the entrance to the canyon is always a tense experience. One moment you
are floating along in open pastures, the next you are between vertical
rock wall. It’s not a gradual change and accordingly paddlers nerves
start to race. Everything went great in the canyon although the Brits
portaged the new rapid “Dynamite” taking 45 minutes which slowed things
up a little. The portage was only available due to the relatively low
water and involved a train of passing boats over and under large
boulders while standing right on the rivers edge. One slip and you
would have been in for some serious downtime. After the portage was
completed Andrew and I hopped into our boats and pushed out. Staring at
the rapid did not help either of our nerves and the diagonal pushing
right to left that we had to punch was featuring pretty strongly in our
minds as we dropped in.

the canyon behind us it was down to Throne Room. Having been up a
couple of days before we were a little relaxed although Helen was not.
She had not said a word the whole day and when asked if she wanted to
go to the right to scout all we got was a nod.

ran first with a line going well but just a little too relaxed after
having smoothed it twice two days before. Near the bottom it all went a
little pear shaped (that means ugly). To see the result of this click here.

Helen was next up and had and equally entertaining run probing the Toaster for one and all. This is her run, click here.

and Andrew were still to run and with our showing not overly confident.
That said they smoothed it and off to camp we went for some shoulder
relaxing beer.

The Brits left the next morning after a night on the beach by the fire telling tall tales.

the rest of the season coming quickly to a close Huge Experiences
turned up with Tino in tow. Since Tino had been accepted to Huge I had
been waiting for this the whole time.

on a sunny afternoon after having watched the local horse races, a true
grass roots experience, I bombed down to meet them at Pistola. As I
turn up Tino is fighting with the wave to give anything up. It was a
pleasure to paddle with him on what is fast becoming my home river,
although it still feels funny to say that, as we got to run some fun
lines and try some new downriver tricks.

is great to see a some unleashed potential and the environment that
Tino is in at Huge has given him a massive boost. Check out his videos
to see what he has been up to.

Video 1
Video 2

two weeks my time in Chile will be done and I’ll be back in the North
East. Not that I’m complaining mind you, it’s just been one of the best
seasons. Good lines, bad lines, great people and even better steaks.

In the meantime please visit Futa Friends to help the cause so this river will still flow.


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