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Teva Mountain Games and Glenwood Video

By Elaine Campbell

The Teva Mountain Games has come and gone again. It was a great time of competing and hanging out. Maui Jim was a sponsor of the event so I got to meet a bunch of people from the Maui Jim family. They have been a great sponsor for me so it was cool to see them there.

The freestyle comp was on Friday and I made it to semi- finals on Saturday but didn’t make it into finals and tied for 6th place. Emily took first, Ruth, and Haley. Saturday morning I entered the downriver race which was a 4 mile race on Gore Creek. I paddled a new boat that was a whitewater/rec boat which was super easy to paddle but not as fast as the other boats in the race and I came in 11th. I’ll make sure to have a proper boat for the race next year.

Then Eight Ball Boater cross on Sunday. Crazy super fun race and I’m bummed I should of worn my GoPro but forgot. I made it to finals as well as Nicole, Emily, Adrienne, Anne, and Louis. The 6 of us listen to Clay’s directions of starting backwards and then you turn around and beat feet downstream while the 8 balls come out and try to stop you from going downstream. There was like 10 people in kayaks, a raft and a shredder adding to the chaos, pretty freakin awesome! I started pretty well then got destroyed by Hobie who pushed me in an eddy and he did a great job keeping me in the eddy until I finally broke free and came in last. Results were Nicole, Anne, Emily. Then they had all the competitors in men and women’s finals do it again for a HD GoPro so the 12 of us set up and charge downstream. What a mess I was laughing the entire time. I dodged a few 8 baller’s and then Hobie found me again and put the hurt on again. Damn you Hobie! It was so much fun and there will probably be video floating around from the eight ball event that will be a good watch for sure. It was also our 6th year wedding anniversary on Sunday. What a way to spend it 8 balling! Anyway that’s all I got from the Teva Games looking forward to it again next year.

 Here’s a video form Glenwood Springs and the freestyle pre-lims with Bryan and me.

 Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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