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Lyons Outdoor Games

By Elaine Campbell

The last stop on the tour for us was Lyons. The Lyons Outdoor Games is probably the most mellow event you can attend. Unfortunately I got sick which sucked but I’m getting better now. Anyway, you camp right in the park where the playspot is and there is lots of grass (Brook was very happy)! There is never any rushing around at this event so it makes it a nice weekend. The weather was warm which was nice and the water level was medium on the St. Vrain. The South St. Vrain creek was crankin and I was a big baby and passed on it. Adriene killed it! She came in first out of the men and women. She was the only girl competing but she beat all the dirty little boys!

Freestyle was on Friday there was only 5 of us so we paddled to get re-seated. I was in second at that point going into finals on Sunday. Finals went well I had a huge air loop (finally), godzilla, a cartwheel so I was at 250 points then the phonics monkey that landed sideways damn you phonics monkey! That would of put me at 420 and in first place but noooo I shanked my big trick again and came in 3rd! Devon was first 300, Kat 270, and me the big trick shanker in 3rd with 250. I swear that next year the big tricks in holes will no longer shank or flush! Hopefully I’ll get some practice in before the competition season starts next year.

I also competed in the team boater cross. Our name was Team Indecision it took a little while to figure out who was going to be first because we couldn’t decide. You start by doing 20 push ups (real ones), then running around cones while carrying your boat to the put in, paddling down dodging the 8 balls and then slapping the next team mates hand to go. Billy went first, then Quintan, me, and Sam. We did well and were in second place until Craig passed me on the running trail and now we are in 3rd. I make it down feeling like I’m going die and slap Sam’s hand to go. He keeps us in 3rd until Greg an 8 baller swamps his boat because his skirt isn’t on. He makes it to the finish line but can’t paddle his boat to shore because it’s completely under water at this point and he swims out of it swims to shore but Justin gets to shore while Sam is swimming and he jumps out of his boat and they take 3rd and us 4th. We didn’t come in last! Team Indecision will prepare for next year! The slalom boaters came in first with their light little boats damn those racer heads! Second was Demshitz (I should of tripped Craig when he ran by me) and the Frenchies in 3rd.

We then hit the road on Sunday so I could get home to VT and have a few days to chill out before I leave for Germany which is tomorrow to go judge at the World Championships! Thanks to NRS for donating money to USACK for the US judges to fly over there. Justin Owen and I are the 2 US judges.

It was another great tour and sad that’s it’s over because it is a lot of fun. I have learned that competing is the last thing that I care about while I’m there. It’s really about the friends I see every year, the new friends I meet and the rivers I get to paddle. When I get home from Germany I’ll spend about a week in NY at our cottage paddling the Black and then we’ll fly to Kelly’s Whitewater Park in ID. Jeff’s announcing and I’ll Judge and compete. Then It’s the King of NY series and the Lozer Cup races back home. I’ll let you know how those go.

Here’s alink to the event:


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Till Next time,

Elaine Campbell



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