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By Elaine Campbell

Photos from left to right: Andy Cook, Jim Sullivan, Paul Twist

Dennis Moore and I recently returned from Lockapalooza, a local kayaking competition at the Erie Canals’ Lock 32.  If you have never been to this fest it is definitely worth checking out.  Lock 32 is in the Rochester area and is a manmade course that looks very natural.  It is built off the spillway of the lock and the water level changes when a large boat passes through.  They have youth programs along with great instructors for adult courses.  Andy Cook was the organizer and did a terrific job. 

There were hundreds of spectators and lots of competitors at this year’s event.  The gentle shoreline is very conducive to easy viewing.  Saturday was jam-packed with morning mini clinics hosted by local instructors, manufacturer reps and the Zoar group.  In the afternoon three competitions finished off any remaining Red Bull.  (I think one of the youth paddlers had eight of them)  The evening featured awards and some creative claymation paddling videos.  On Sunday Andy Cook, Dennis and I hosted a rescue clinic for the morning, followed by free paddling.  The competitions were in slalom, boater cross, and rodeo.  Each competitor participated in all three and had to use the same boat for all events.  Lots of competitors turned out to compete in men, women, and two Jr. categories.  Check out the website for more information, video and photos at: Jim Sullivan

This is a photo of Andy Cook the festival organizer and Lock manager.

Dennis did great in the competition, here are his results:

Rodeo 3rd, Slalom 5th, Boatercross 4th, Overall 4th This is a sequence of shots showing how to phoenix monkey – basically a pirouette into a front flip.  This move brought me into the finals although I could not duplicate it for the win and ended up second to Paul Twist in the rodeo competition.  Overall I was still the first place winner having won the slalom portion and finishing third in the boater cross.


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