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How to Flip Turn

By Elaine Campbell

Oh how I love to Helix but I also really love to Flip Turn. Here’s some input on how to Flip Turn which is such a cool feeling when you get one!   

Definition:  Rotation of over 90° at a horizontal angle followed by a rotation with a vertical angle over 45° on the stern in one fluid motion. This is a green water, aerial maneuver. The boat must land in a front surf within 45° horizontal angle range


  1. Get on top of the foam pile and start carving down to get speed.
  2. As you start coming down the face of the wave use a left reverse stroke to get your boat sideways and engage a bounce by lifting your right knee up hard on your thigh braces pulling the boat up. The reverse stroke plus the bounce will happen at the same time and this starts the spin momentum.
  3. When you feel your boat bouncing out of the water your flipping it over your head with a loft forward stroke and catching your stern to slice through the water under you.   
  4. You use a forward stroke on the opposite side to pull the boat back into the front surf and there you have it a Flip Turn.

I hope that makes sense for you. Here’s a video of me doing a Flip Turn.


Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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