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How to Back Stab

By Elaine Campbell

I love the backstab but I have a habit of neglecting this trick.  I tend to land a trick backwards and will spin myself forward right away.  When I do that I yell at myself to do a damn backstab you moron!  It’s a bad habit that I’m breaking. It really is a sweet trick and when you do it right it’s such an awesome feeling.  


Definition of the Back Stab (back blunt)


180 degree rotation around the stern of the boat, elevated more than 45 degrees, on green water, clear of the foam pile. The boat does not touch the water at one point of the execution for air backstab.


Here’s my way of explaining how to do a back stab.


Right Back Stab:


Step 1. Get backwards on the wave.  You can do this by landing a forward trick backwards or in a front surf spin the boat to get backwards.  This pretty much sets you up on top of the wave. If you find you are at the bottom of the wave then carve the boat to the top. 


Step 2. Once on top drop your right edge and do a back stroke on your right side to accelerate the boat down the face of the wave.  Coming down the pile at a slight angle.  Look over your right shoulder. 


Step 3. While doing the right back stroke on edge, tighten up your abs, stay neutral and bounce hard on that right edge. It’s like a pumping motion. 


Step 4. Your boat now is going to get rejected and it will be in the air (hopefully). Keep looking upstream over your right shoulder, change edges, twist your torso hard to the right and really engage your core muscles and legs to help flick the boat around to the forward position. 


Step 5.  As the boat starts to come around plant your left paddle blade in the water to help the boat finish the rotation. You can give it a small nudge.  


Step 6.  Once you feel the rotation of the boat come around you can flatten out and throw in a right forward stroke as a recovery so you don’t flush.



I hope that helps and makes sense.  I have a funny way of explaining things.


Here’s a video of me throwing a couple back stabs in my Mobius 49 at 67 Wave in Montreal and at Hole Brothers in NY.




Till next time,

Elaine Campbel


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