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By Elaine Campbell

The first week of my first World’s Competition has been great. Thun, Switzerland is an amazing place. The mountains are beautiful and the Lake and river is so clear it doesn’t look real. The town of Thun is a lot bigger than what I thought. When I first got here I stayed in a hotel in old Thun which is so neat. The architecture was nothing like I have ever seen before. The water hadn’t been releasing yet so there was no wave so we got to hang around town. One of the days Tanya Faux, Ruth Gordon, and I rented bikes and rode all around the area. Ruth was our GPS since she has been here before. We rode to the lake and watched the sailboats and ate lunch. There was a ton of sailboats out there and later on I found out there was a race going on. I can’t wait to go back to the lake with Jeff and hopefully we can rent a sailboat and do some sailing.


After a couple of days of hanging around the first practice started. Every country has a scheduled practice each day. The US Team gets an hour slot a day usually in the morning and we split up into two groups. Each group gets a half hour and you have a one minute timed ride. You are lucky to get six rides in that half hour. Practice has been going OK for me. I have woken up once at 3:30am with Corey Volt to get on the wave by 4:30am and the next day Bryan Kirk, Tanya Faux, Johnny Meyers, Adriene Levkenecht, and I woke up at 2:30am to be on the wave by 3:30am. That was insane! I have never been so tired before in my life and then we had scheduled practice at 8:00am. This was a bad day of boating for me. My reflex and reaction time were so off and I felt like I was in a hazy daze. The line was also insane that early morning about 25 boaters in the water, pretty crazy but when you have 30 countries trying to practice that’s what your going to get. It’s all good though. I’ll get sorted out and be paddling like myself again.


Jeff shows up tomorrow and that will help me out so much with my paddling. It’s hard being so far away from him. He’ll be here tomorrow and I’ll be feeling much better.

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Photos:Brian Jennings

Auf wiedersehen,

Elaine Campbell


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