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Cayuga Lake SUP Cup

By Elaine Campbell

Jeff and I decided to go to the Cayuga Lake SUP Cup this past weekend in Lansing, NY. This was my second flat water race and Jeff’s first.  I entered the elite race which was six miles and Jeff did the recreational race which was three miles.


I’m not an elite racer by any means but I can paddle for a long period of time thanks to my wild water training.  The weather was ok with cool temps and no rain but a massive head wind that put the beat down on you for about two and a half miles.  The race started with a mass start with racers in the water.  It makes the start a bit chaotic but pretty fun when everyone is jumping on there boards trying to get a good start.  The first part of the race to the first buoy was about two miles that was a bit of a downwinder.  I fell in about a mile into the race when I got caught on an edge and was hit by a wave.  That was a bummer because two people passed me soon after that.  I made it t to the first buoy and made the turn to head to the second buoy.  Here was where the head wind came into play for about two and a half miles.  I gave it everything I had here and passed the two people who passed me after I fell in.  I felt like I had to give it everything I had because if I let up I was just going to get pushed back by the wind.  The other challenge besides the wind was that you had to paddle pretty much on one side, the right side.  When you paddled on your left side your board would want to head in the opposite direction of where you wanted to go, thanks to the wind. Holy cow, I have never felt pain like that before.  My right arm and left shoulder screamed at me the entire time to stop.  I occasionally did by taking a few paddle strokes on my left side and using a cross bow stroke to give my right side a break.  I finally made the turn around the second buoy and was heading to the finish. I still had to paddle hard for the last mile and a half but it was such a relief to be out of that head wind.  I crossed the finish line and came in third place.   


Jeff had a great race and is real excited about entering some more SUP races.  He did well coming in third place in the recreational race and he took first in his age group.   I didn’t get to watch him race because the rec class started 15 minutes after the elite race. We had a great weekend and are looking forward to more races next year.   The organizers did a great job with this event and am excited about going back next year. 


tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/cayuga/1535509_514429325367693_6644273950595233065_n.jpg

 The line up at the starting line.

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/cayuga/SW9A1209-(ZF-5469-84619-1-003).jpg

Jeff about to finish the race.

Photo: Brad Marzolf

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/cayuga/SW9A1749-(ZF-5469-84619-1-007).jpg

Me crossing the finish line.

Photo: Brad Marzolf

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/cayuga/SW9A9440-(ZF-5469-84619-1-008).jpg

Photo: Brad Marzolf

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/cayuga/SW9A9446-(ZF-5469-84619-1-009).jpg

Photo: Brad Marzolf

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/cayuga/10628589_514445765366049_8541704908376837873_n.jpg

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell





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