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Back at It!

By Office Staff

Well, that was an interesting winter. I’m not sure we really had winter it was more like a really cold mud season in VT. It’s finally April and we are about to hit the road on a sweet kayaking trip filled with kayaking and lot’s of it! The gas is cheap, we are young (one of us are) and I have a sweet carbon boat by Feather Weight that has been deprived of kayaking and needs to go get wet. The most exciting part of this trip besides seeing friends and meeting new ones is I’m going to SKOOKUMCHUCK! This has been my dream ever since I was a little girl! Ok not really since I started kayaking at 22 but it has been for awhile.

Here’s what we’ve been doing since I last posted a blog. I’m going to do another photo bomb. I like photo bombs!

We went to the Florida Keys again because we had such an awesome time last year we had to do it again. We drove so we could bring our Pau Hana Cadence race boards with us.

The view from our room.

Jeff and I getting after some miles with my sweet new Werner Grand Prix paddle.

OMG it’s a baby manatee!

The baby manatee following me!

Jeff checking out the mom or dad manatee.

This could of gone horrbily wrong!
Check out Jeff in the Maui Reflect and palm trees (pretend you don’t see my hand and phone on the other lens).
Wearing my Maui Jim McGregor Point’s

Loving the new Cadence Air from Pau Hana.

This pelican wasn’t scared of me or my KEEN’s

Watch out for them crocodilia!

Pool time in North Adams, MA YMCA!

My niece and Brook wondering why we have stopped walking.

Our first paddle of 2016 on the mighty Fife Brook using my new Werner Paddle Sherpa! 

The ice cleared so I went out for a SUP on the Sherman reservoir wearing my brand new NRS gear. Get your NRS gear at Zoar Outdoor.

This was a cold day playboating in my Feather Weight at Dummerchuck in VT!

This was a warm day!
Thanks to Werner Paddles for making awesome paddles and selfie sticks 🙂

and back to a cold day paddling the Dryway.

Brook and Laya enjoying a warm day in March.

Here’s a video from my 2015 season.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell




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