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The Brain Bucket

posted on by Jim Sullivan

As with any sport, it’s important to protect your personality. A lot of rivers are relatively shallow, and if you find yourself upside-down at any point, you’re exposing your head to rocks. That means wearing a helmet is a must. Even if you think you can breeze down the river without flipping over, there’s plenty of other hazards that pose a risk to an unprotected noggin. Choosing the right helmet is all about fit and comfort. Sweet Protection, Shred Ready, WRSI, and NRS all offer great options for helmets at the Outfitter’s Shop.

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Picking a Personal Flotation Device That Fits You

posted on by Janet Burnett Cowie

Personal floatation devices are required on board your vessel by the U.S. Coast Guard.  More than that, PFDs are a crucial piece of safety equipment. The most effective PFD is one you’re actually willing to wear. Understanding your intended use, choosing the right style, and finding a good fit are paramount in picking the perfect PFD.

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Choosing The Right Boat For You

posted on by Adriana Isaza

Choosing the right boat is the key to unlocking the rest of the boating equipment. Without it, you can't even be on the river in the first place. So which boat is your soul mate?

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Why Not Have A Little Fun With A Summer Job?

posted on by Office Staff

Before coming home from college something my friends and I talked about a lot was our summer jobs. The common trend in my friend group was getting a job as a nanny or returning to a job at a fast food restaurant that they had during high school. When I told them that I was planning to come back and work as a zip line guide on top of working as a reservationist for Zoar they were all pretty jealous.

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What to Wear While Zipping Through the Tree Tops

posted on by Jennifer West

Wait five minutes and the weather will change is New England’s weather motto. Keep in this mindset when planning ahead as for what to wear while adventuring as it will make all the difference with your fun level! Check out what we have to say about what to wear with the changing seasons and weather of New England.


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