Are All Zipline Adventures the Same?

Zip Line and other challenge course adventures are springing up all over the place and it's often difficult to tell from their advertising or their websites what the differences are, so here are some of the things that set us apart from the crowd:

We are a Zipline Canopy Tour.  This means that we offer a guided tree-based adventure via 11 zip lines, 2 sky bridges, 3 rappels and 2 short hikes with a focus on exploring the treetop environment as we move down the mountain through the nearly mile-and-a-half-long course.  Zip Line Canopy Tours focus on the natural environment, keeping tree cutting and trimming to a minimum.  Platforms are built directly in the trees and the canopy is close to you so you experience the feeling of zipping through the treetops.

There are several other types of zip line experiences out there including zip line parks (generally out in the open, built on towers and focused on adrenaline), aerial trekking courses (compact multi-element courses that are often self-guided and strenuous with course monitors checking to ensure that participants remain clipped in) and single-zip line thrill rides such as those at many ski areas.

Our guides are highly trained.  Each guide trains for at least 40 hours before working on the course and has first aid and CPR training.  The primary goal of our guides is your well being.

We focus on the interpretation and appreciation of the natural environment. Through information delivered by our guides and on interpretive signs, you'll be learning about the environment of an upland forest in southern New England.  You'll learn about tree identification, natural history and the human history of this area.

Our course uses hand braking. This participatory style allows each guest to control their own speed on each zip and many people find this style course more engaging than courses where participants passively go along for the ride.  Each zip has a backup brake in case a participant fails to hand brake correctly.

Our course is constructed with double cables, providing a redundancy that is now being required by many tour promoters.

We help you connect with each other through our low guide to guest ratio of 2 to 8 and through our comfortable pacing which allows you to spend time enjoying the experience of our zip line canopy tour together.