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Why Not Have A Little Fun With A Summer Job?

by Office Staff

Why Not Have A Little Fun With A Summer Job?

Before coming home from college something my friends and I talked about a lot was our summer jobs. The common trend in my friend group was getting a job as a nanny or returning to a job at a fast food restaurant that they had during high school. When I told them that I was planning to come back and work as a zip line guide on top of working as a reservationist for Zoar they were all pretty jealous.

Living in such a beautiful area has more perks than just the pretty scenery. If it wasn’t for the mountains, hills, and forests that make up Western Massachusetts I would never have dreamed of being a zip line guide. It is certainly an experience (and a job) that is a once in a lifetime thing. 


I worked in the office last year taking reservations and answering questions about trips, so I was excited to add zip line guiding to my repertoire. Going into training I was unsure of what to expect other than that I would be with a small group of people for the entire five days.

My training group of seven quickly to get to know each other and our trainers and to feel comfortable. We soon started making jokes and playing games in our downtime while being completely supportive and helpful to everyone else while learning and practicing different tasks. One of the most exciting things that I experienced while training was being trusted to hook my gear up on the zip line and brake without a braking signal. It may seem like a small thing to be excited about, but it made me realize that I was good at what I was doing. After several days of training on the course, our knowledge and skills were tested to and earn our certifications.


With each trip lasts around 3 hours and we spend time beforehand preparing guests and gear, so with two trips a day.  In addition to actually running the course, guides are also responsible for making sure guests are properly outfitted and educated for each tour. After a training session at the Ground School, a controlled short zip line right before the guests are brought to the top of the course, the guides assess their new crew and decide whether or not they have the skills to make it through the entire course safely. In addition to all of the intense safety measures that are taken, guides are expected to give their guests a wonderful experience, too. That means learning about the history, environment, and culture that make the Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours truly special.

-Amanda Taylor

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