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By 829 Dev

Teva P2

I received my Teva P2’s about two months ago in the mail. I love the
excitement of opening up a new box even when you know what’s going to
be inside. Once I had broken into the box and ripped open the inside
carton that contains the shoes I laid my eyes on my very own pair of

Enough with the theatrical writing I’ll get right to the point. The
Teva p2’s are a unique looking booty mainly due to the split toe
design. They have a Teva logo that runs across the top of the bootie,
which is bright orange. This is basically the only cosmetic thing about
the bootie the rest is pure functionality. We’ll start with the sole
and work our way to the top.
The sole of the P2 is made out of the awesome spider rubber which is by
far the best rubber being used for any of the water shoes out there
today. An awesome feature that I didn’t notice until I was out on the
river is that these booties have little screen drains on the sole of
the shoe which do a great job of getting the water out of your shoe so
you’re not mushing about on the hike out of your local creek run.

The split toe feature of the bootie truly sets it apart from the
competition. I thought the split toe would be just one of those
gimmicks that makes it look cool. It not only accomplishes this, since
the P2 is clearly the coolest looking bootie on the market, but it also
helps tremendously with those steep slippery walks where you need to
wrap your toe around something, or have your foot conform to the ground
that it’s touching.
The sole of the bootie wraps up around the side of your foot much like
a sneaker and joins with a rubber covered neoprene to keep your foot
warm but protect the easily rippable material that neoprene is. This is
very similar to any other bootie except for the Velcro retention strap
that runs over your ankle to keep the bootie from slipping off in the
event of a swim.

The last little feature of the P2 is the ankle padding. Teva added
two little foam circular pads that cover your ankles so any blow will
be less painful to your ankle bone. I found it particularly
comfortable when my ankle bone rested against the inside of my boat.
All in all the Teva P2 addresses all of the issues that had been
discovered in previous heavy-duty booties. The sticky rubber and quick
drain system coupled with the ability to stay on your foot and not slip
around make this one of the premiere booties on the market, and in my
opinion the best all around river running bootie.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair check out the Zoar Outdoor Outfitters Shop or

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