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Women’s whitewater kayaking courses! Paddling with grace and style!

By Office Staff

As I grow older I realize how lucky I was to have a solid group of women to paddle with when I started in the sport. It was again made clear to me about 10 years ago when I waspaddling on the Ottawa with5 other women instructors and friends.We all pulled into the eddytoget ready to surf when thisvery excited women paddles up to us and asked”are you with aspecial club or something. I never seethis many women out paddling on their own.”We were all a bit surprised and told her we are just friends and then she was surprised. She ended up paddling with us that dayand we had an awesome time.As more women get into the sport, instructors arerealizing theimportance of a good learning envirnoment that acknowledges the unique make-up of women. Some guys also want to join in as well. A few years ago at DemoFest, I had a fewmen who wanted to join our” Paddle like a Girl” seminar. I asked them why when there were other clinics they could join.They said they wanted to learn to paddle with grace [&] style instead of muscling things like they usually do.The other women in the group thought it would be great time so we all paddled like a girl that day. What fun!

I’m really proud that Zoar has offered whitewater kayaking courses for women for over 10 years and we are doing so again this year! Women’sspecific clinicsencourages women to come together in a supportive fun atmosphereto learn and share the experience. We are lucky to have a group of amazing women instructors on our staff who are excited to share their passion with you. If you have always wanted to try the sport and never had an opportunity this may be it! On August 2 – 3, 2008 we are offering a 2-day novice kayak clinic for beginners.If you already have experience and want to sharpenyour skills we have a Class II clinic scheduled for 8/2-3 and a Class III clinic scheduled for 8/14 – 15. Hope to see you on the river!

The Women of Zoar!

Janet Burnett Cowie – Director of Instruction Programs

Hillary, Rachel, Katrina, Patty, Elaine, Karen, Kate, Ashley, Jen, Amber, Jenna


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