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Get ready for your trip by signing your waiver!

Your booking confirmation letter contains a link to sign your waiver. Please share your confirmation email with the other members of your party. Each member is required to sign a waiver for each activity before arriving at Zoar Outdoor. A parent or legal guardian must sign for any participant under 18 years of age.

The waiver link in your confirmation email is synced with your booking. To check that everyone in your party has completed their waiver, please feel free to call our office at 413-339-4010. Our office staff will be happy to double check for you prior to your trip.

NOTE: These waivers are legal documents and, as such, may not be altered. Any participant arriving at Zoar Outdoor with an altered waiver will be asked to sign a new unaltered waiver before they will be allowed to participate in any activity.

Thank you and see you soon!