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What to Prepare for a Ziplining Trip

By Nathan

What to Prepare for a Ziplining Trip

How to Plan Out Your Clothes and Gear You Might Need

When planning a ziplining trip, what you decide to bring is going to be important, so you want to plan out ahead of time what to bring. We’re going to go over the most important things that will keep you comfortable and a few things that it might be best to leave at home.

The Best Clothes To Wear

We recommend wearing form-fitting athletic clothes for your zipline tour. We find that athletic clothes make for the best experience and allow for a lot of free range of motion.
Something like jeans is fine usually but if there’s a possibility of inclement weather they become uncomfortable pretty quickly.

The Best Shoes To Bring

One of the most important elements of clothing to plan for the trip. We recommend wearing sturdy shoes that will hold up to the weather and outdoors. Running shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, or broken-in hiking boots will be your best option here

Rain Gear

When planning a zipline trip, there’s a chance we might get some inclement weather, or that the weather is a little different than at home. That’s why we recommend bringing a lightweight raincoat or windbreaker in case things get cold or rainy. 


When it comes to cameras, we recommend relying on us to capture the perfect shot, so you have the time to enjoy the thrill of zipping. Of course, you’re welcome to bring a camera with a leash. We can attach it to your harness for you, so your hands are free and you don’t risk dropping it. Something like a GoPro would be the best option.

What Not to Wear While Ziplining

Just as important as choosing the right clothes and gear to bring is knowing what to leave behind. There a lot of things that can get snagged, dropped or broken on a zipline trip, and you want to make sure you only bring what’s right.


Jewelry is something you definitely want to leave at home before your ziplining trip. Even though it may look nice for those social media pics, it could get caught on something, or it could get lost on the trip.

Baggy clothes

We recommend form-fitting clothes that are good for athletic activity. Something like joggers, athletic gear, or shorts for hiking would be the best choices.


We always recommend closed-toed shoes like hiking boots or sneakers for zipline trips.

Be sure to keep all this in mind when preparing for your ziplining trip. If you have any other questions about specific items, feel free to reach out and ask one of our reservation staff. We hope to see you on one of our tours soon!


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