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Swiftwater Rescue Clinic

Take our Swiftwater Rescue Quiz Before Heading to the River!

By Amanda Major

Swiftwater Rescue Quiz

Take the Swiftwater Rescue Quiz and answer Yes or No to the following statements. Track how many Yes and No responses you have. See where you land in the Swiftwater Rescue mindset below.

  1. You always/most often paddle with other people.
  2. You know the most common factors at play in water related incidents.
  3. You have a throw rope in your boat that is always accessible.
  4. If you have a throw rope, you also have a knife.
  5. Your throw rope skills are that of a sharp shooter. If someone is swimming, you know you can get a rope to them in a timely manner 9 out of 10 times.
  6. You know what shoulder to receive a rescue throw rope line during a rescue.
  7. You check the weather before you go paddling.
  8. Your PFD has a whistle on it.
  9. Your PFD has a knife on/in it.
  10. You bring a medical first aid kit with you on the river.
  11. You bring extra gear and layers with you (for friends and/or just in case).
  12. You make a habit of checking your gear and your friends gear to make sure everything is zipped and clipped and on in the most effective manner.
  13. You have a robust pin kit that is functional.
  14. Your pin kit is always accessible in your boat or PFD.
  15. You know river hand and paddle signals.
  16. You prioritize clear communication with your paddling buddies about paddling order, pace, and safety.
  17. You research new rivers before you get on them (thanks to AW and YouTube).
  18. When in doubt, you scout it out.
  19. When you scout, you bring your throw rope with you.
  20. When you scout, you bring your paddle with you.
  21. You understand what a “snag line” is used for.
  22. You only use locking carabiners on the river.
  23. You can set up a z-drag in less than 5 minutes.
  24. You are certified in first aid and CPR.
  25. You know what a PMP is (when building out your pin kit).
  26. You know how to tie at least 5 knots (…that aren’t just a lot of the same knot).
  27. You took a swiftwater rescue course in the last year.
  28. You took a swiftwater rescue course with your paddling pals in the last year.
  29. You have rescued a paddler/boat/gear in the last month.
  30. You know what ReThRoGo stands for and how to implement it.
  31. You own a Type V rescue PFD.
  32. You know how to effectively use a Type V rescue PFD with QRHS. 
  33. You know how to thread a tri-glide.
  34. You have practiced a live bait rescue.
  35. You know when and why you would use a V-lower.
  36. You understand what rescue priorities are.

“The Yes Party” (majority of your answers are an enthusiastic Yes!)

You are confident in your ability to respond swiftly and effectively in a rescue scenario. You’ve taken a few swiftwater rescue courses and are well versed in snagging and tagging as well as the brilliance of mechanical advantage. We will call you a Swiftwater Rescue Jedi. Now, make sure all of your boating friends join you on your next swiftwater rescue training foray. The more paddling pals with these skills, the merrier.

“A Healthy Mixture of Yeses and Nos”

Hey! You did great. Some of these were tricky. We all could use some target practice with our throw ropes. Perhaps you need to recertify in first aid and CPR. Just keep chugging along and do the work to learn as much as possible to continue keeping yourself and others as safe as possible. Check out some upcoming Swiftwater Rescue Courses to join at Zoar Outdoor! Join us on September 17 & 18 for our next Rescue Course!

“Mostly Nos – Don’t Know”

Maybe you’re wonderfully new to the whitewater environment. Perhaps, you are so passionate about fine tuning your basic skills that you haven’t had time to delve into the wonderful world of swiftwater rescue. We are happy you are stoked on paddling and would love to merge your passion for paddling with a safety conscious knowledge base. Come join us for a Swiftwater Rescue clinic so you can continue learning and integrating a foundation of safety skills into your technical paddling skills. Join us on September 17 & 18 for our next Rescue Course. We look forward to working with you!


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