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Group of zip liners taking a group photo in the woods

How Challenging Is It to Learn How to Zip line?

By Nathan

What are you looking to do this summer when it comes to new adventures? We know that after taking the time to stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19, we’re all going to be eager to get outside and experience some new, fun excursions out in nature. This means it’s the perfect opportunity to try out some outdoor activities you may not be too familiar with. 

One of our favorites is zip lining. When you’re zip lining, you get a bird’s eye view of the fantastic landscape and can take in all angles of the great outdoors in northern New England.

We know, however, that trying new activities, especially when they’re high-flying endeavors, can sometimes be daunting.

That’s why we wanted to put together a handy guide on learning how to Zip Line Canopy Tour and what to expect when you’re going on your first run.

Zip Lining Is Not As Hard As It Looks

The thing about zip lining is that, from down below, it looks like an acrobatic stunt but it’s actually much easier to learn than it appears. Once you’re in the harness, it’s really as simple as jumping off the platform and going for a ride.

Young zipliner flying through the trees at Zoar Outdoor

Pay Attention to the Instructors

While easy to learn, zip lining still involves flying high over the trees and the general outdoors. We always say we’re going to have a good time while we’re out there but it’s important to listen to the instructors when they’re telling you how to go about doing things properly. Things such as how to get into the harness, how to use the equipment, and any important information about the location. Such information is incredibly important and will help keep everyone safe while zip lining.

Learn the Basics of the Controls

Our zip line canopy tour will give the rider a brake pad to help slow down when nearing the end. Your instructor will explain how to best use these brake pads and make sure the dismount at the end is as smooth as possible.

Group of people on a zip line platform high in a tree at Zoar Outdoor

Have The Best Zip line Canopy Tour Attire

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, having the right attire can make for a much better zip lining experience. We recommend form-fitting workout pants to allow for a snug harness fit and complete full range of motion.

For more detailed info about what to wear and what to bring, check out our article on what to pack for your zip lining adventure.

Have Fun With It!

At the end of the day, we’ve got everything set in place. No matter your skill level or experience, zip lining with us will be an amazing adventure for everyone.

If you liked this article and want to learn more about getting started with a zip lining trip this summer, check out our zip lining page.


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