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Zipline at Zoar

Fly Into Spring On New Englands Premier Zipline!

By Meghan Ecclesine

Springtime blossomsWinter hibernation is behind us and spring is upon us! The birds are chirping and the forest is waking up from a long winter’s nap. The Crocuses and Mountain Laurel are blooming, the ferns are unfurling and the forest is coming alive. 

We have all been waiting for these warm days to get outside and embark on new adventures.

Springtime Zip-lining in New England

Zipliners at Zoar OutdoorSpring is the perfect time to zipline at Zoar with the bright sun shining through the trees. While you zip your way through the trees, you can experience the forest in an exciting way, observing the buds just opening up and the critters scurrying about. 

Here at Zoar, we love the spring. It means coming back together again to get out on the rivers & up in the trees, and to reconnect with friends that have been in different places over the winter. Being at Zoar in the spring gives you a chance to play, to unwind from daily life and be refreshed by being in the trees and experiencing the views. 

Beautiful New England MountainsideSoaring from tree to tree in April & May at Zoar allows you to see the views of the Deerfield Valley through the budding canopy. The springtime provides panoramic visibility of the gorgeous mountains which is a unique experience in our dense deciduous forests of New England.

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The Zoar team is proud to offer our zip-lining tours to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and of course, Massachusetts residents. Whether you’re a New England native or just visiting the Northeast for the Spring & Summer, our team has you covered! Reach out to Zoar Outdoor today to book your zip lining tour! We can’t wait to see you in the trees!


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