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Group of people rafting down rapids

A Go-To Guide for Rafting Adventure Levels

By Kevin McMillian

Here at Zoar, we’re excited for the new rafting season to get underway. There are few things as thrilling as rafting rivers and sharing the experience with family and friends.

However, we know that for those new to rafting, the difficulty rating used by kayakers might be a little intimidating or hard to understand. That’s why we put together this handy guide for anyone who wants to know how we classify the rivers and rapids, and what it means for bringing family and friends along.

Class I – Beginner with young children

Class I waters are very calm. Rarely will these be faster than a small current, and offer a great space for anyone bringing their families with young children, or those very new to the activity along with them. Because our routes sometimes go in between levels, we recommend families with very small children who are not strong swimmers not to go on routes that go anywhere beyond those classified as Class I and Class II.

Class II  – Beginner

Class II is a little faster than Class I, but still very easy for anyone who’s relatively familiar with the water, and we promise, your guides are! Class II is fantastic if you have a family with children, or if you and a group of friends want a fun, social day out on the water.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you might want to explore what Class III has to offer…

Class III- Intermediate

In Class III, the rapids are going to get a bit quicker, and you’re going to get parts of the river where you get some whitewater. Class III’s are great for those wanting a more thrilling day out, and want to really have some fun while still enjoying the calmer sections of Class I & II between rapids.

Because Class III waters are a little rougher, we don’t recommend families with children who cannot swim go on these routes.

Class IV – Adventurous!

Class IV is where the real adventure begins. Get ready for the rafts to crash through waves and for you to paddle with your guide through some exciting rapids bringing you on a serious thrill ride.

Level 4 is recommended for those who have had experience with rafting before and usually those who are definitely gung ho about the most exciting adventure they’ve had this season!

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