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Zip & Dip Trip FAQs


Who can go on this package?

Zip & Dip tours are open to anyone age 10 or up. Participants should be able to hike a short distances downhill on uneven terrain and should be in reasonable physical shape. For zipping, we have a minimum weight limit of 70 lbs and a maximum of 250 lbs. Since zipping is gravity driven, we must adhere to these weight limits strictly for the safety of our guests. To ensure eligibility, we weigh each guest prior to participation. Each trip time can accommodate groups of 8 or fewer guests.

For our raft trip, the Zoar Gap trip is ideal for beginner rafters with Class II whitewater rapids and one Class III rapid. More experienced paddlers will find a scenic view of the Deerfield river valley relaxing while still facing a typically technical Northeast rafting day.

Is lunch included?

A buffet style picnic lunch is included on your trip that offers various wrap options, pasta salad, chips and salsa and dessert. Please note that we are unable to customize/modify our provided lunches. If you have any allergy or dietary concerns, please bring a packed lunch.

Is it safe?

While we have an excellent record, the sports of whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and zip-lining have inherent risks. It should be recognized that accidents can and do occur. For this reason, we cannot assume responsibility for injury or loss of property. Participants in all activities will be required to sign a waiver stating they are aware of the risks involved and are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Those with health problems limiting their normal activities may be prohibited from participation at Zoar Outdoor’s discretion. Pregnant people will be prohibited from participating in Zoar Outdoor Activities.

What happens if the forecast calls for rain or storms?

We run our trips rain or shine, so you should come prepared for the weather. If we do have to cancel the trip, that decision would be made on the morning of the trip.

What do we do with our car keys?

Keep your car keys with you during registration for zipping and rafting, as we will collect those and put them behind the desk or in a lock box just before gearing up, then return them to you when you get back from your trip.

Should I tip my guide?

This is completely at your discretion. If you feel the service you receive from your guide is exceptional, and you want to say “thank you” with a tip, although it is not expected, it is always appreciated.

Can I request a guide?

If you have had a guide you especially liked and would like to have them guide your next trip, we will do our best to match their schedule to yours. Simply request your guide when you make your reservation. Please be aware that we are not always able to match a request.

Alcohol and Drug policy

The use of recreational drugs or alcohol is prohibited on all programs. If you arrive here under the influence, you will be prohibited from participating in the day’s activity and you will not receive a refund.

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