Deerfield River Kayaking: A New Way to Experience the Valley

kayak tours on the Deerfield River in Western, MA

Does it get better than being the captain of your own ship? Grab a paddle to your own watercraft and take control of your own experience -- with a helpful guide, of course!

Guided river kayaking tours may seem new to the Deerfield Valley but we have been offering these kayak trips for several seasons. With easy paddling boats, both single (sit-on-top, hard-shell kayaks) and tandems (inflatable kayaks) you'll meander down the Deerfield River and see the Berkshires in a whole new light!

Wildlife and nature abound! Our kayakers often see red tail hawks, ospreys, bald eagles, and blue herons! If you're lucky, a beaver may pop its head up or be playing on the shoreline. Most trips start in the afternoon to allow kayakers to soak in the Western Massachusetts sun and feel the cool waters of the Deerfield as you paddle, take a swim or have water fights!

You have options too!

Our classic afternoon tour can be packaged in a couple of different ways. Start your day out zipping on our Zip & Kayak tour or you can simply package an afternoon guided river kayaking tour with a stay at one of our many accommodation options. Either makes for an unforgettable adventure.

Click on the trips below for more details on each of the Deerfield River kayaking options available.

River Kayaking Tour Options:

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