Novice Rock Climbing Clinic

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Novice Rock Climbing Clinic
Novice Rock Climbing Clinic

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Season: June to October

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Minimum Age: 14


$129 per person for one day, $259 per person for two days


While we do our best to accommodate last-minute registrations, our clinics generally sell out in advance and we strongly encourage you to plan ahead and make reservations well ahead of time.


Trip Info

Learn to rock climb in a one or two-day novice rock climbing clinics for beginners. Our friendly professional climbing guides introduce you to the sport, teaching you the proper techniques and use of equipment so that you will be able to participate in a top-rope climbing experience.

We travel to a local rock climbing site where we first work on the skills needed to climb responsibly and efficiently and then enjoy a selection of appropriate climbs to work on moving on rock. Belaying, bouldering, knot tying and efficient climbing technique are covered in our Novice Rock Climbing Clinic.

Personal challenge, proper technique and risk management are the key elements in our approach to the exciting lifetime sport of rock climbing. Our location, within a short drive of several excellent climbing areas, assures lots of time on the rock. Our programs emphasize top-rope climbing where the rope is anchored by the instructor at the top of each climb. Students learn to climb and belay (protect each other with the rope) as well as to move smoothly and with minimal effort on the rock. Our progressions are designed to help students learn to climb competently on their own.



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Novice Rock Climbing Clinic
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"I have experienced just about all the offerings in this region and no other place or company even comes to close to Zoar. The process of booking a trip is easy. The people are super professional, personable, and highly trained. From the river to the mountains, the Zoar takes you to the most beautiful spots in the region. But most of all, they create an experience for you that really leaves you feeling the magic and beauty of the natural world." - Matt ★★★★★

Novice Rock Climbing Clinic
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"Looking forward to joining in future experiences! Thank you!" - Kimberly ★★★★★

Novice Rock Climbing Clinic
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"Chris did a fantastic job as the rock climbing instructor and I had a great experience! Looking forward to coming back." - Susan

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