Three Seasons in the Canopy

Each season puts its unique stamp on the forest and we're privileged to be able to experience our Canopy Tours as it changes from the fresh green of spring to the lush foliage of summer and then to the pastel colors of fall.  Do we have a favorite season?  Sure, each guide has their favorite, but for many it's the season when they're in the trees!

Five reasons to take a Zip Line Canopy Tour in the spring:

  1. Excellent visibility.  With no leaves on the trees, you can see through the forest, making it feel like a huge open playground.
  2. Fewer people.  April and May aren’t peak times at Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours, so you’re less likely to see other zippers in the trees.
  3. Incredible sights and sounds.  Your senses will come alive after a long winter of being cooped up indoors. Hear the birds, smell the spring forest and feel the wind whip by you as you fly from tree to tree.
  4. Second foliage season.  In the spring when the trees bud out with subtle shades of green, yellow, orange and red the forest comes alive with pastel hues.  
  5. You’ve been inside too much.  We all spend too much time indoors during the winter, so get outside and ZIP!

Great reasons to go in the summer:

  1. It's warm and you're outdoors.
  2. You're on vacation!
  3. You can combine it with a whitewater raft trip and camping for an adventure getaway.
  4. You'll zip through tunnels of green foliage. 

Autumn in the Berkshires is spectacular from the ground, but up in the trees:

  1. The forest opens to your view
  2. The colors change from day to day and seemingly by the hour
  3. It feels great to be outdoors on cool, crisp fall days
  4. The light is sharp and the photos are clear