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Cabin Tents
Cabin Tents
Cabin Tents
Cabin Tents

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Season: April to October

Time: 2:00 pm - 10:00 am


$23 per person per night


While we do our best to accommodate last-minute registrations, we strongly encourage you to plan ahead and make reservations well ahead of time.

Special Offer: Free Lodging When You Buy 2 Zips!

*This is applicable from April 1 to May 23


Trip Info

Halfway between camping and staying indoors, our cabin tents offer a wilderness experience with a touch of class. Our eleven cabin tents sleep four people each and are available April 1 to October 31st.

Each 12' by 14' tent is set on a wooden deck built into the side of the hill and equipped with four cots, a gas lantern, a small gas grill, and a comfortable porch. You should bring a sleeping bag or blankets, a towel, a pillow and a flashlight. Linens are not included.



"Everything was exactly as I was told it would be. No problems of any kind. GREAT experience. The cabin tent we were in was great. Very cozy." - Kimberly

"The tent cabin was cool and provided for a relaxing night." - Byron

"Everyone was incredibly nice and accommodating. I cannot stop telling people about the amazing experience we had! Thank you for the unforgettable memories and great cabin tent accommodations." - Amanda