Deerfield Valley Zip Line

zip line tour - Deerfield Valley Zipline & Canopy

Fly through the forest canopy in the Deerfield Valley on a three-hour guided zip lining tour. You’re surrounded by incredible views of the northern Berkshires on this outdoor adventure that’s the perfect experience for thrill seekers and nature lovers.

Situated on the hillside above the Deerfield Valley among abundant green foliage and within the stunning pine and hardwood forest, New England’s best zip line canopy tour is a visual experience as much as a physical one. Your unique aerial zip line adventure takes off from the first platform set in a mature red oak tree.

From there you zip your way from treetop to treetop. Zoar Outdoor guides accompany you through the Deerfield Valley tour, directing you as you speed through the trees and telling you more about the beautiful natural world surrounding you. Take the path less traveled as you traverse through the forest via cables, sky bridges and zip lines that sit up high above the forest floor.

One of the greatest thrills of our course is when the Deerfield Valley’s crisp, clean air whips through your hair while amazing views of the stunning New England landscape greet you. Over the course of our three-hour zip line tour, you will learn to improve your zip lining technique and enjoy the exhilarating speed and sounds of nature on this memorable adventure.