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The Evolution of Kayaking, With Bruce Lessels

posted on by Jennifer West

How a person gets involved with something as exciting as whitewater can end up being an entertaining and interesting story. I interviewed Bruce Lessels, President of Zoar, to dive into how he got involved with the sport and how it has changed over the years.

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Surfing the Jitsu

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Surfing on the Pemi

The Pemi is one of my favorite rivers to paddle in the fall.  There is a fun class II-III run that is pretty fun but what really draws me to this river is the Pemi Park and Play.  This is a fun little playspot at the takeout that was one of my go to spots during college.  The Pemi Park and Play is certainly lacking when compared to the world class spots on the Ottawa and even some of the local high water playspots but it is a short drive and is often at the perfect level during the summer and fall.  While this spot is a little shallow for cartwheels and many of the vertical moves, it is great for learning to surf, spin, roundhouse and blunt.    At the right levels loops are possible and I’m pretty sure that a McNasty might go.  There is also a really fun seal launch that drops you right into the surf.

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