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posted on by Katelyn Green

Learning a more advanced freestyle move like the loop has made me realize how true the statement “Practice makes perfect” really is. In the process of learning the loop I have broken a boat, and probably nearly my ankles as I repetitively slammed my bow down and hoped for some magic to flip my boat around.

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Zoar Staff Paddling, Riverfest and Lozer Cup

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Another American Whitewater Deerfield Riverfest has come and gone.  This is one of the busiest weekends on the Deerfield and always a great time.  The weekend started with one of the biggest Thursday night Zoar Staff Paddling trips we’ve ever run with over 20 people showing up.  We had some brand new boaters, several boaters trying to brush up on skills and shake off the rust to get ready for the Dryway and some instructors that were looking to have some fun on the water and avoid the heat.  Fifey was scheduled to run pretty late so we put on at Fisherman’s Bend.  After doing some wet exits and basic instruction with the new paddlers, we headed downstream.  It was a really fun evening.  It was really great watching everyone improve and try new things.

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Punch Brook Slalom

posted on by Janet Burnett Cowie

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/jim/kayak 12/summer 13/kracer.jpgIf I had to describe slalom, I would say that it is the more refined side of whitewater. Even at a small event such as this, people still arrived with their polished glass boats, and it’s a very different atmosphere and paddling style when compared to river running or play boating. As described by one of the paddlers there, you have to go where the gates are, and use the river to help you get there.

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A Great Season Paddling

posted on by Jim Sullivan

Hi folks, I’ve had a great season at Zoar Outdoor and wanted to share a little video recap of my summer.  I’ve also shared this with Jackson Kayak as part of their regional team.  I hope you all have a great winter as once again I head out to Montana to go ski more epic powder.

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2013 Spring Whitewater Rafting

White water rafting on the Concord River

posted on by Bruce Lessels

When spring warms the air each April, eager adventurers pull on river gear and jump on the whitewater rivers of Massachusetts. Long cherished by paddlers for its high water, spring is a great time for everyone to take advantage of the whitewater excitement offered only during this short season.  Zoar Outdoor, a whitewater rafting outfitter in western Massachusetts, runs two unique spring rivers that capture the thrill of the season while offering great opportunities to get outdoors and experience adventure.

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