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Zoar Outdoor Hosts River Cleanup

Zoar Outdoor Adventure Resort is hosting a river cleanup on the Deerfield River on May 19th and 20th. The river cleanup is free and open to the public, and participants save 50% on tickets to the Reel Paddling Film Festival on the evening of the 19th. The river cleanup is part of the Deerfield River Rally, which also includes a paddling workshop and the film festival.  

Flooding from Irene in the fall moved some rocks and gravel bars on the Deerfield River when water levels rose to over 100,000 cfs, nearly a hundred times normal summer levels, causing widespread flooding. Irene also scoured trash and debris from upriver and deposited some of it along the banks downstream. The river cleanup will focus on the section of the Deerfield below Fife Brook Dam. Cleanup will be primarily land-based and is open to all ages. 

Zoar Outdoor prioritizes river stewardship and is affiliated with such organizations as the Deerfield River Watershed Association and American Whitewater. This is an official National River Cleanup event. More information about the Deerfield River Rally is available on the website, and people interested in participating in the river cleanup should email info@zoaroutdoor.com. Participants are welcome one or both days of the cleanup.

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