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Z Dam

by Cassie Hayden

Tino Specht

I just spent the past two days at Z dam in Richmond Virginia. Z dam is a river-wide lowhead dam that zigzags across the river in the shape of a Z. There are no breaks in this lowhead dam except for a fish notch. This fish notch is basically a spot in the dam where the dam is lowered and the drop has more water flowing through at this point creating the perfect hole. We rolled in Monday and immediately got on the water. After a week of no kayaking and lots of finals everybody was ready to get on the water. We hustled out of the van, put on and dropped in. Big loops… and more big loops. This spot just offers up some of the biggest loops I’ve ever seen. Otherwise there were tons of Cartwheels thrown as well as the occasional McNasty. I don’t really know what else to say except that this is a must to go to if you are in the area. I hope everyone likes the pictures.

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