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Yurt or Cabin Tents: What's the Difference?

Our Cabin Tents and our Yurt are our most popular lodging accommodations - yes, even more than indoor rooms at our Lodge! - but they’re also the ones we get the most questions about. So what exactly is a Cabin Tent or a Yurt, and which should you book for your trip? Here are some guidelines to help.

When thinking of our Cabin Tents, you should lean more on the side of the “tent” than on the “cabin” in the name. Essentially, they’re large canvas tents set up on a wooden platform. The tents are tall enough to stand in the middle, and have angled A-line roofs. Inside, you’ll find four cots and a light, as well as windows you can open from the inside. Outside each Cabin Tent there’s a little porch with a couple of chairs and a small grill.

The Yurt, on the other hand, is a more substantial structure. Its walls are composed of a woven lattice of wood, covered with thick fabric that offers a bit more insulation that the Cabin Tents. Instead of the typical tent shape, the yurt is also a round structure, with a clear skylight at the peak of its cone-shaped roof. Inside the Yurt, you’ll find a double bed and mattress (make sure to pack your own bedding), and outside on the deck there’s a gas stove and a couple of chairs.

Apart from the basic structural differences, here are some things to consider when deciding between the two:


Guest Count

This can be the critical one. Our Yurt is perfect for couples, while our Cabin Tents are the way to go if you’re booking more than two people or if you’re not looking to share a bed. In the Yurt, you’ll find one double bed with a mattress, while each of our Cabin Tents has four individual cots wiht mattresses. We have 11 Cabin Tents, so for groups of up to 44 people, Cabin Tents are definitely the way to go. The Yurt, on the other hand, only sleeps two people, and there’s only one yurt, so only pick this option if you’re looking for a cozy outdoor accommodation for two.


Time of Year

In the spring and fall, you have the option of picking between the Yurt and the Cabin Tents for your stay. However, in the summer months, you may notice that Yurt availability mysteriously vanishes. This is because during our peak months, we use the Yurt as lodging for our Assistant Campground Manager, giving them a great location right in the campground from which to offer assistance to all of our guests.

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