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Winter in Big Sky, MT

by Cassie Hayden

Hello all, winter in Big Sky, MT is great as always. Tons of great powder days. I think there have only been about five sunny days in February. This mountain never stops surprising me with places to go and explore. Recently we skied from the tram to an area called Cambodia that has a huge cliff band with all sizes of jumpable cliffs and double drops. Yeah we had to walk across two hundred yards on rock and grass to get there, but it was a really fun new area to be at and we could ski back to the new lift without walking. However, lately I haven’t skied to much do to a broomball injury. I bought shin guards for the rest of the season. We won our first game in the playoffs. It’s hilarious to me to see the drunken crowd that forms to cheer broomball players on the small ice rink below the Summit Hotel. I got wailed in the shin and have a big bruise, it hurts so bad to press it into a ski boot. Ironically this has made me take up snowboarding, the boots are more comfortable. The guys in the shop were surprised that I can actually snowboard, and we had some great runs surfing some wind lips. So today I am sore from using new muscles while snowboarding. Hope everyone is having a super winter, here are some photos to enjoy.


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