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Wildwater Racing Technique Tips:

by Janet Burnett Cowie

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Step 1: Point It Downstream and Go Fast!!

Step 2: Point It Downstream and Go Fast!!

Step 3: Okay, you get the picture

For years this has worked well for me, but here are a few specific things to try for improving your speed while racing down river.

In the River:

· Get comfortable reading currents, look at where you can save distance yet remain in fast water

· Remember fast currents hug the outside of river bends, but these are often longer routes

· Avoid having waves hit you in the chest, this kills speed

· Paddle on the backside of waves to achieve more momentum

· Use the top of waves to turn, more of the boat will be out of the water

· In real long boats edge to the outside of your turn

· Skirt rocks to use eddy lines for increased speed boosts

· Use more torso power and get an instructor to help improve paddling technique

· Use a quicker stroke rotation, but still get good purchase on the water

· Try to keep the boat quite underneath you

· Train with someone fast

· Watch out for dark rocks and keep your head up


On Land:

· Warm-up

· Stretch

· Eat good food, not fast food

· Drink water

· Cross train / weight lift

· Learn and visualize your run

· Get a good nights rest


James Sullivan words of wisdom “Race your own race, don’t be intimidated by others, just do the best you can do”

Mike Porter words of wisdom “If you get spun around go backwards until you end up spinning again”

Hillary Friedman aka “guns” words of wisdom “Just try harder, just pull harder”… Okay, I told her that

And remember, above all else… “Point it Downstream and Go Fast”


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