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Whitewater Rafting Season Wrapup

by Cassie Hayden

As the season draws to a close, we like to look back and ask the question: who rafts with us? Like every year, the 2010 rafting season saw all ages and abilities, everyone from families and school groups to bachelor parties. Our guests came locally from the Pioneer Valley and from all parts of the country, but most came from the local "big cities:" Boston and New York. So who rafts with us? In short, you do, and you made this an amazing season. You laughed, you screamed, you stayed in the boats (or didn't!), you paddled through Class II, III and IV whitewater in all weather from April to October.

It was with heavy hearts that we packed up the boats for the winter, but we're already thinking of next year. We've met with the power companies to negotiate the 2011 dam release dates on the Deerfield River, so our rafting schedule will soon be available online.

One big change we made this season as a result of your feedback is that we started rafting on Mondays next year, too. We plan to continue this for 2011 and hope this allows more of you to make it a long weekend with Zoar Outdoor. The 2010 season may be over, but on the other side of winter there's an action-packed spring full of snowmelt-swollen rivers waiting to be run. Come see us next year!

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