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Throwin' Down on the Pemi

My buddy Skylar has done a bunch of boating in Maine but is still exploring many of the southern New Hampshire rivers.  We both had the day free so we headed up to the Pemi for some fun fall paddling.  While boating in Maine, Skylar has run a bunch of rivers and surfed a lot of waves but he hasn’t done much boating in holes.  The level was perfect.  Skylar was learning to side surf and to move around in the hole.  I was playing with spins, roundhouses, blunts, and the shuvit.  If you hit exactly the right spot it was also possible to throw ends.  There is an underwater rock that creates the hole.  Often when trying to initiate cartwheels and other vertical moves, you end up hitting the rock.  The level was perfect where there was a small window where you could initiate an end without hitting the rock.  It was an amazing day.  By the end of the session, Skylar had gotten really comfortable surfing the hole.  He was able to move around in the hole and was starting to hit spins.  It was a really fun day out on the water.

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