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The Dawn Patrol

The dawn patrol is an attempt to paddle on days when you don’t really have time.  The day starts with a really early morning, well before sunrise.  After drinking a little too much coffee and possibly a Redbull, you drive to the river with the goal of having shuttle set and being fully geared up before sunrise.  Then as soon as it is light enough to paddle, you put on and get in some boating.  After boating, you head back to reality and start the day.

Working full time can definitely get in the way of paddling but I was itching to get out.  I met up with a friend in Durham, NH well before sunrise and headed out to the Pemi.  The river was a little too high for the Pemi Park and Play but it was at the perfect level to run the river.  Unfortunately due to a little logistical error, we ended up with only one paddle.  While it wasn’t my paddle that was missing, I decided that it would be fun to hand paddle.  We took a pretty fun trip down the river, surfed some waves, and had a lot of fun.  It was a really great morning.  After we finished paddling, we headed back to Dover and made it to work in time.  It was a really great morning and we made it back in time for work.

The dawn patrol is an essential way for those a little too addicted to paddling to continue kayaking on days when they don’t really have time.  And if you do it right, you often get to watch the sunrise while paddling down the river.  It’s pretty hard to beat and I’m a big fan!

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