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Take Your Family Vacation With Us!

by Cassie Hayden

Summer’s coming fast, and now’s a great time to book a family vacation with Zoar Outdoor. We have activities for all ages scheduled this summer, including:

We have a lot more trips available, including whitewater rafting and zip line canopy tours, so check out the website for more information.

With so many fun opportunities at Zoar Outdoor, don’t rush off after only one day! We offer some excellent multi-day deals. Package any two trips with a night’s lodging and save 10% off the combined price. Make it three days and two nights and save 15%.  Combine zipping, rafting, kayak instruction, climbing, or biking into a fun-filled trip for the whole family.

Lodging Options

Whether your idea of a great night’s sleep is a tent under the stars or a firm roof over your head, we have lodging options for you.

    • The Carefree Camper: If simplicity is your style, we have five tent campsitesavailable. Bring your own gear and sleep out in the mountain-fresh air. Our bathhouse is close (but not too close) with flush toilets and coin-operated hot showers.


    • The Cabin-Tent Connoisseur: If you want the benefits of camping without the hassle, we offer eleven cabin tents. These 12’ x 14’ hybrids are each equipped with four cots and include their own gas lantern, gas grill and a comfortable porch. You can make use of the nearby bathhouse for the convenience of indoor plumbing.


  • The Luxury Lodger: If you’d rather “rough it” with a roof over your head and electricity, the Hawk Mountain Lodge is the place for you. Hawk Mountain Lodge overlooks the Deerfield River Valley and offers five comfortable rooms with either private or shared baths, located close to excellent local dining. We even offer free wireless internet.  

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