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Sweet Protection - Rocker Fullface Helmet Review

Me scouting a drop on the Raquette River in NY

As the fall approaches, I start to think about creeking again.  Between the increased rain to bring up the many naturally flowing creeks in the Deerfield watershed and the scheduled fall releases on many popular creeks there are many opportunities to get out creeking.  One piece of gear that is almost always with me on the creeks is my Rocker Fullface Helmet.  I have been a fan of Sweet Protection helmets for years.  I really like the light weight and the comfort that they provide.  While I normally wear a Sweet Protection Strutter, I wanted more coverage for creeking.  After looking at many helmets, I decided on the Rocker Fullface.  In addition to protecting my face, it offers more protection on the sides and back than my Strutter.  It is one of the most comfortable helmets on the market.  It fits me really well and doesn’t seem to move around even when I’m getting bounced around when the line didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had hoped.  Since the Rocker Fullface is reinforced with carbon fiber and padded with foam, it is a stiff helmet that handles impacts well while remaining very light.  This helmet has been my helmet of choice for shallow technical creeks for the past five years and has always exceeded my expectations.  

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-Ben Natusch

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