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Summer Jobs at Zoar Outdoor

Values Driven, Fun Loving, Family Oriented-The Zoar Outdoor Team

You have experienced our adventures; now experience what it’s like to be part of the Zoar Outdoor staff. We are currently hiring for all full and part time seasonal positions.


Check out our jobs page to learn how to have an office like this:


Or a commute like this:   

Or supervisors like this:    

We believe in the power of experiences that connect people to the outdoors and to each other, and we are looking for charismatic individuals to help promote this vision and deliver national recognized customer service. We hire for personality and character, and train for skill. Our guides are a mosaic of ages and backgrounds brought together by a common love of people and the outdoors.  We offer flexible scheduling, a healthy work environment, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“By working for Zoar Outdoor I have gained the confidence and determination to pursue many of my life goals. Each of the staff members seems to bring something new and unique to the table, helping to facilitate a welcoming and educational work place. It’s truly a wonderful feeling" - Sabrina SG

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