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Sights of Spring on Our Zipline Course

Early in the season, when the trees are budding and the leaves are just coming in, you can get clear views through the trees that let you see both distant views and nearby secrets of the forest during our Zipline Canopy Tours. This spring, shake off the winter blues, head out to get some sun, and while you’re out in the trees, see if you can find any of these gems:

Luna Moths

These brilliant green moths, which can have a wingspan of almost 5 inches, have a relatively short life cycle, but are a treat to see when they’re around. They start appearing as early as April, and are easier to spot before their green wings can camouflage them against the leaves.


Many different animals make their homes in our forest, but while you’re peering through the trees looking for Luna Moths, also keep your eye out for some porcupines! You might be able to see some ambling through the forest floor from your perch high up in the trees, but more likely, you may just look out into the branches and find one climbing up to investigate!

Scarlet Tanager

Despite his color, this bright red bird is a little tougher to spot, though the sparse foliage in the spring definitely helps. They’re shy birds, and your best chance of catching one is probably on a morning trip, when the forest is still relatively quiet. Keep an eye out for the male Tanager’s signature bright red plumage and black wings for a sight of an often reclusive but beautiful bird.

Mica Caps

These little mushrooms are amongst the first to start growing in the spring, showing up in clusters throughout the forest. They have white stems with bulbous brown tops, which have a reflective sheen to them when they’re young. You’ll find them growing from dead stumps or logs on the floor. Sometimes they’ll look like they’re growing straight out of the ground, but that just means they’ve latched onto some wood that’s already buried!

Columbine Flowers

These flashy flowers start appearing mid-spring, and last into the summer months. While Columbine Flowers come in many sizes and colors, the ones you’ll find throughout our course are small, red wildflowers. You won’t see them from up in the trees, but look for them on the ride up to the top of the mountain, and along the walking path at the halfway point in the course!

Mountain Laurel

This beautiful flower is a staple of late spring and early summer, with the first blooms typically showing up around mid-May. It can be a little fickle - sometimes all the plants bloom and the blossoms last for a while, and sometimes only a few plants put on a show for a short time. It’s the state flower of Connecticut, but it makes a strong showing here in our woods in Massachusetts! These bushy evergreens cover much of the forest floor throughout our zip course, so you’re likely to be able to see them on the drive up, as you walk down the trails, or even from the trees!


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