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Rafting in Winter

by Blair Winans

People often ask us, “What do you do in the winter?”, to which we usually reply “Oh, nothing!”  And compared to the summer, the winter pace is more relaxed, but, in fact, there’s a lot to do in between the occasional ski, snowshoe, or ice biking trip. 

The winter really breaks down into two time periods - before the New Year, we’re mostly occupied with closing down from last year:  fixing boats, counting and repairing gear, ordering replacement gear for the next season, designing brochures, changing dates on the website and closing the books on the past year.  From January on, we turn to the coming season:  there are new staff to hire, old staff to schedule, new programs to design and old processes to tweak. 

There’s never as much time in the winter as it seems there will be on a quiet day in the middle of November, but as spring approaches and the first trips creep ever closer, those projects that are done are done and those that haven’t yet been started will have to wait until next fall.

It’s like farming in some ways - you have to love the busy times and you learn to appreciate the breaks.

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