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Pemi Fun Times

The gauge on AW was showing the Pemi around 600 cfs which is a pretty fun level for the park and play hole at the takeout.  With a free day and a great level, I made plans to meet a friend at the play hole for the afternoon.  Unfortunately when we arrived, the river was running at over 1000 cfs and the hole had washed out.  Since we had already made the trip out, we decided to run the river.  We spent a bunch of time hanging out in one of the larger eddies on the run working on stern squirts, and back deck rolls.  After playing for awhile, she was consistently hitting her backdeck roll and her stern squirts were starting to look pretty smooth.  When we eventually arrived at the play hole, we found that the level had dropped and it was actually at a perfect level.  We dropped in and spend several hours surfing.  I was working on smoothing out some blunts while she worked on carving and spinning.  It was a lot of fun and after boating for about 5-6 hours we were both pretty tired and decided to call it a day.  I’m definitely looking forward to my next trip back to the Pemi!

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