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NYC Documentary Filmmaker Presents At Zoar Outdoor Film Series

by Blair Winans

Charlemont, MA  -- On Friday, August 2nd Kate Geis, NYC documentary film maker will screen her new film "Riversense". Riversense is a documentary about the people and culture of the whitewater river kayaking community. All over North America are paddlers who are drawn to the whitewater lifestyle: running rivers, competing in whitewater rodeos, and pushing through fear to find themselves. Mixed into the narrative of these stories we meet some of the whitewater community's gurus, legends, and aspiring paddlers who share their thoughts on everything from hair-dye to the essence of riversense.The film follows the lives of Katie and BJ Johnson, T.R. Yon, Dunbar Hardy and the late William Nealy, and learn about their relationships to rivers and the kayaking lifestyle.

"After shooting hundreds of interviews, traveling down a lot of different rivers, and learning to kayak, I can honestly say this is the hardest and most rewarding project I've ever done. If there's one thing I'd like people to think about when they see Riversense, is to keep an open mind and an open heart. It's about life just as much as it is about running rivers." states Geis.

"Making Riversense has taken me down a really long road and a lot of incredible rivers. It started on an Outward Bound raft trip on the Green and Yampa rivers in Utah and Colorado. One of the guides told me I had "riversense." I liked the sound of the word, it seemed to have a kind of mystical quality to it, like "the force." I guess I filed the word away somewhere, and then it resurfaced when I started thinking of a name for this monstrous project, life journey, river trip I was about to take on.", reflects Geis.

Come join us for some exciting adventures! These programs are free and open to the public. A simple summer barbecue starts at 5:00 pm for $5/person and shows begin at 6:00 pm at the Zoar Outdoor Pavilion. For more information contact Zoar Outdoor at 800-532-7483 orwww.zoaroutdoor.com.

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