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New Spot on the Deerfield River

by Cassie Hayden

A few days ago when it rained and brought the whole Deerfield watershed up I got out of my last class of high school for the day and borrowed a cell phone from a friend. I rang up Zoar Outdoor and found out that the river was running at around 2,500 cfs. The west branch wasn’t up, but the other sections were basically washed out. I decided to go find another place to paddle and so I took some back roads that follow the Deerfield River and came to a halt at what looked like a small class two rapid. I walked down to it without any expectations and found an awesome play hole with perfect eddy service. I sprinted back up to my car and suited up, ran back down to the river and found a place to put in. A few surfs later I was getting the hang of it and found if you plugged your bow in the right place you could go just as big as most other play spots in the area if not bigger. I returned for three more days until the water dropped and now its time to find another secret spot on the Deerfield.

Paddle Hard,


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