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Nationals Update

by Cassie Hayden

Hey Everyone,

Nationals just got over with and was a huge success. Lots of competitors and spectators which was nice to see in a sport that doesn’t get seen to often. The competition was held in the ASCI whitewater course in Maryland which is a man made river on the topp of a mountain. You can tell that a lot of pain was taken to make the course look natural and also to have the course have good play features which has been a challenge in the past for white water parks.

This competition was special because of the format. Instead of holding the competition on one feature each competitor had a ride on a wave and in a hole and the best ride from each counted. This was great to display who the overall best competitor is. Anyway I don’t have very much time right now but I wanted to show you guys what was up this past weekend. Team Dagger went big as usual and was impressive to watch, Check it out in the video. Hope everyone is well!

Paddle Hard,


Nationals Video

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