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Lozer Cup and Deerfield Riverfest

Riverfest is always one of my favorite weekends of the season.  It is a great time to meet new paddling partners, catch up with old students and have a great time hanging out with a bunch of paddlers.  The rivers might get a little crowded but that just makes it easier to find a shuttle ride.  This year I had Sunday off so I stayed at the fest site pretty late into the night.  Sunday morning I met up with Katelyn, who is an intern instructor at Zoar this summer and the newest member of Team Z and headed up to the Dryway.  The Lozer Cup has been a pretty big deal on the Dryway for the last few seasons and I don’t get to participate nearly as much as I would like to since I generally end up working weekends.  I was pretty excited to finally have a Lozer Cup race day off.  Since a lot of people come out for riverfest, the race that weekend is usually very well attended and exciting.  Katelyn and I decided to race and since the two of us were boating together we decided that we should race in the Dynamic Duo.  There were around 30 competitors lined up at the start and everyone stayed right together through the first couple of rapids.  After that the fastest boats were able to break away and the pack spread out a little bit.  It was an exciting race and Katelyn was an excellent partner in the Duo.  It was a lot of fun and I really hope I can get another Lozer Cup day off this season so I can race again.

Results from the race can be seen on the Lozer Cup website.


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